What is Energy Neuroplasticity and how does it work to heal the brain?


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Medical intuitive

What is a Medical Medium/Intuitive?


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Energy Neuroplasticity

Medical intuitive and empathetic healer Orion Mott is the creator of Energy Neuroplasticity. All natural healers specialize in a modality or certain areas of interest. Early on, Orion showed an aptitude for the electromagnetic field that surrounds the brain and spine. He can feel the areas of the cortices that are malfunctioning and require treatment. Energy Neuroplasticity realigns neurology to reduce or eradicate concussion symptoms.

The master gland

The brain has an endocrine gland called the pineal gland located near the center of the brain. Long considered the “third eye” or sacred center of the brain. This organ can be accessed and is used as a template for realignment of the neurological field. By accessing this organ, the template is stretched over the damaged tissues and the neurons respond by changing their alignments thereby healing the brain. Unlike most techniques that attempt to impose conditions such as hyperbaric chambers on the brain, Energy Neuroplasticity is unique because it accesses the brain directly and treats the damaged area locally.

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